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I was going to make a pun about silver lining/silver fox but then I beat myself up.

Anderson Cooper in Detroit for CNN's "Road to Recovery" week.

While I missed Monday night's segment, last night's coverage from New Orleans was incredible and definitely verified Cooper's statement that he (and others) are looking at all aspects of how the recession is affecting people in the U.S. Of course, for me, anytime Cooper goes "home" to New Orleans I'm satisfied by how much he and the city resonate.

Last night they didn't just cover the unemployment, the big business greed, and government squabbling. Cooper and co. interviewed a woman whose jewelry business is dwindling; instead of the usual pessimism, though, this woman voiced how she was making trips to Louisiana to help build homes for people who are still in limbo due to Katrina. With her extra time and what money she could save for travel fare she is doing something so good--so much better than moping and taking in all the bad news being spewed from all directions during this time and then giving up and waiting for the government to fix things.

We also saw the family who would finally have a home soon after waiting over three years since theirs was first destroyed due to Katrina.

Maybe my expectations are too low, but I am just absolutely chuffed by the tenderness and good will that Cooper is finding. Perhaps it strikes me so much because it reflects the changes I feel in my own life goals. (And it's so Kennedyesque, don'tcha know?) So many of the people active in volunteering due to an upswing in free time are asking themselves what they can do for their fellow citizens rather than when their country is going to do stimulus for them.

I really think we're going to make it after all. I'm thinking that it's going to be an amazing thing if we beat the government by propping ourselves up first so that by the time they start stimulating things, we'll we all the wiser for it.

And then rainbows will shoot from our eyes and everyone will get free self-sustaining puppies and kitties and the really yummy ice cream will no long have high fructose corn syrup as a major ingredient. Yes.

*ahem* Still, I'm definitely looking forward to what Cooper covers for Michigan tonight. We can have good news please?
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